The following is the story of the Religion of Eternal Childhood.


In the beginning of Eternity's existence, there were no happy children.  The place was empty, as humans nor the gods had existed, yet.  Eternity is beautiful with plentiful food, water and everything a person desires that is good.  Rainbows fill the sky, and not a dark cloud can be seen.  The sun of Eternity is bright and radiant and feels good to the touch of the skin.

In the middle of Eternity is the Eternal Flame.  The Eternal Flame is large and welcoming.  The Eternal Flame keeps Eternity at just the right temperature.

There are no homes in Eternity, because our home is Eternity.  We will play, dance, sing, dream, imagine, love, and do all that is good for eternity and not get bored with it.  Boredom is a non-existent word in Eternity.

There is no great God in Eternity.  In Eternity, everything is perfect and the need for a great God is not necessary.  Eternity was created just as our current dwelling was created.  We are learning how our current dwelling was created daily, and there is more and more proof that there was no God in that creation.  Eternity has come to existence in just the same way, and when we arrive in Eternity, we will learn of how Eternity came into existence, daily.

The Beginning of the gods and goddesses

In the beginning, the universe came into existence through, as we know today, The Big Bang.  Every since our universe has been expanding and evolving.  In the midst of this Big Bang, another realm oustide of the universe was created referred to by many as, heaven.

One day, a group of young boys and girls woke up in a beautiful land.  In the midst of this land is the Eternal Flame.  The boys and girls marveled at the world they found themselves in.  The trees, beautiful grass, flowers, streams of water, and a bright sun.  There was so much to experience in this world.

The children found themselves clothed in bright white, and a smile was on every face.

"Let's go swim!" Alex, a god, said.
"Yes!  Swimming is fun!" Ryan, a semi-god, said.  Semi-god's would soon become humans.
"You boy!  Let's go over here and smell the roses." Emily, the generous god, said to the other girls.

Yes, this was the birth of what would be many gods in Eternity.

The Birth of Humans

Semi-gods loved to visit planet earth and experience life there.  One day, Ryan, a semi-god, noticed that his body was changing on earth, and he wasn't child like, like he was in Eternity.  In fact, Ryan had desires the child-gods in Eternity didn't have, like wanting another mate in his life.  Ryan brought this news to his friends in Eternity.

"Yes, we've heard this from many semi-gods who go to planet earth." Alex, the great god, said.
"What should I do?" Ryan asked.
"Why don't you go back to planet earth and see what happens."

Trusting his best friend, Ryan took his advice.  While on earth, Ryan started to fall in love with a woman semi-god on planet earth.  Ryan and the woman built and house and moved in with each other.  They were in their twenties.  They mated and soon the woman, Elizabeth, become pregnant and had a child.

The child-gods were amazed at what happened and marveled at the new born baby from Eternity. Thus, the first human was born.

Being Human

Hundreds of thousands of years ago the human species came into existence thanks to evolution and our first parents Ryan and Elizabeth.  Throughout the centuries, we have evolved into highly intelligent beings.  We know when we wake up and when we go to sleep.  We know 1+1 and 2+2.  We know many things, but at the same time we are ignorant of many things.  This ignorance keeps us searching daily for the answer.  Like children, we ask the universe many questions, and the universe answers us slowly like a loving parent.

We are born, we become toddlers, we become children (the best age), we become and adolescent, we become a young adult, we become an adult, we become middle aged, we become elderly, we die.  In the midst of that, many from adolescence and up wish they had a childhood again, or have never left their childhood.  There are many that wish for a childhood because it was stolen from them, and to those I say I'm sorry, and that you can experience your childhood at anytime in your life.  Start today!

Ever heard someone say that they have an inner child?  We all have an inner child in us that wants to burst out.  He or she loves to play and experience life from a child perspective.  Yes, we care called to be our age here on earth, but we can be our childhood self, also.  Have a favorite childhood game?  Play it and allow your inner child some time out.  Love to draw, read, write.  Do those things.  Do the things that make your inner child happy.

Why is childhood the best age?  Because that's the age that we're supposed to not worry.  We're supposed to not worry about food on the table, money, or shelter over our heads.  All of that is supposed to be provided to us by our loving parents.  Though this is not always met (and woe to those people), it is supposed to be met.  My heart hurts for those who did not have a childhood.  But know this, you will have the perfect childhood in Eternity.

The Soul

We all have a soul.  It's child-like and lives on the inside of us.  You can call it your inner child, or whatever.  It's what connects you with other people around the world and with your guardian angel.  Your soul is pure and is bright as the sun and white as paper!  You are pure.  You are holy!

The Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame exists more than to keep Eternity at the perfect temperature.  The Eternal Flame is also like a guardian who watches over his children.  No, the Eternal Flame is not a god.  You cannot pray or talk to the Eternal Flame.  But should anything try to destroy Eternity (Forbid that should happen.), the Eternal Flame will protect Eternity.

The Angels

The angels came into existence at the birth of the first child.

We all have a child-like angel or angels watching over us day and night.  Their eyes never leave us, and they are constantly cheering us on.  Even when we fall, our angel is there by our side picking us up and encouraging us.  Our angels are our encouragers, our cheerleaders, our mentors and our coaches.  They help guide us in this thing called life.

Talk to your angel daily.  Give him or her a name and allow your inner child to have fun with your angel.  You angel is an evolutionary work of art like you are.  They are intelligent beings willing to help whenever needed.  They do not have all the answers to life as they are discovering life like you.  The questions you have are questions they have, but they are there to be your best friend and to keep you company.  Love them, for they love you!  Be with them, because they love to be with you.  Laugh with them.  Play with them.  Run with them.  Love on them.  When you feel lonely, know that you have an angel by your side who loves and cares for you.  He's your special friend and ally.

Your guardian angel came into existence the day you came into existence.  Though they came into existence as eternal children, they were still confused in the beginning of their life as you were.  They quickly learned why they came into existence, and have an ability to learn faster than humans.

If you have a hard time talking to your angel, just say,

"Hey.  What's up?  Can't wait to hang out with you today."

Have them on your mind throughout the day.  If you forget about them, it's okay, they still love you.  They have an unconditional love for you.  In fact, all children are expected to have an unconditional love for one another, while keeping their boundaries and staying safe.

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